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Exchange Program Online Application for 2014 Fall Enrollment

This online application system is limited to students officially nominated by partner universities of Tohoku University. You are also required to submit application form and all supplemental application materials by e-mail through your home university.

1. How to apply

- Create Login ID and password

- Login and register your application data

- Confirm and send your application data

- Print out your application data and send submit by email as PDF data except CoE form. The CoE form must be submitted by excel form.

2. Application deadline

Applications must be received at the Student Exchange Division by March 10, 2014.

Any applications which reach Student Exchange Division after the deadline will not be processed.

3. Email Address (To send application materials by e-mail)

Tohoku University Student Exchange Division


New to the application system?

Create a Login ID and Password.

Please use your e-mail address as your Login ID.

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4. List of supplemental application materials

  1. Statement of purpose/study plan:form for JYPE,COLABS, DEEP  form for IPLA

  2. Official academic transcript (Do not forget to copy of the page that describes the scale of academic grade.)

  3. Letter of recommendation by your advising professor

  4. Certificate of enrollment at your home university

  5. Certificate of Health:Certificate of Health.pdf

  6. Application for Certificate of Eligibility (CoE): CoE.xls

  7. A photocopy of the applicant’s Passport (Identification page with applicant’s photo and name)

  8. Application for JASSO scholarship:JASSO information.pdf, JASSO form1.doc

  9. A photocopy of certificate of language proficiency
    JYPE, IPLA and COLABS : TOEFL, TOEIC, IELTS or any score of English language proficiency test
    DEEP(Undergraduates) : JLPT N1 or equivalent
    DEEP(Graduates) : JLPT N1, equivalent score in Japanese or any score of English language proficiency test

5. Screening Results

Screening results will be noticed to your university at the beginning of June.

Thank you for your interest in joining Tohoku University.

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